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The Offseason Blueprint for the Philadelphia Eagles

It’s officially the year 2017 and yet again, Eagle fans are looking forward to the offseason.  We’re rapidly approaching the 10 year mark on the Eagles last playoff victory which took place in 2009 against the New York Giants.  Since then, we’ve seen a plethora of quarterbacks, bad draft picks, and bad signings in Free Agency.  Much to my chagrin, the Eagles reintroduced us to Howie Roseman as our General Manager last season.  While Howie Roseman did some things I didn’t totally agree with during the offseason, it appears he did accomplish the one major goal, he found us stability at quarterback in Carson Wentz.  Now, he must build the rest of the roster…here is your blueprint Howie

    1.  Build Through the Draft

I can’t believe this is such a hard concept for NFL teams to grasp.  Who are the perennial contenders in the NFL?  The Patriots, Steelers, Seahawks, and Packers.  Who have recently become contenders that have the ability to be in contention for years?  The Falcons, Raiders, and Cowboys.  These teams have all built through the draft and then utilized free agency to supplement their roster and address any weaknesses.  The core of your team must be built through the draft.  The Eagles have struggled with this due to their inability to identify talent, especially in the early rounds.  With Joe Douglass in town, this has to change if the Eagles wish to build a Super Bowl roster anytime soon.

     2.  Don’t Reach in the Draft

Need a guard?  Just draft Danny Watkins, even though he’s not rated that high.  Need a receiver?  Just draft Nelson Agholor, even though he’s not rated that high.  Need a pass rusher?  Just draft Marcus Smith, even though he’s not rated that high.  Catch my drift here?

One of the very few good things about having a bad roster is this, you don’t have to reach!  The Eagles need help at running back, wide receiver, offensive line, corner back, and defensive line.  Hell, you can even make an argument for the Eagles drafting Alabama Tight End, OJ Howard.  The bottom line is this, the Eagles need a lot of help in a lot of places, so there’s no need to “overdraft” for a player.

3.  Don’t Break the Bank on Free Agents

Not this year.  There’s no need to spend a ton of money on someone like Alshon Jeffrey or Jason Pierre Paul.  There are a few young building blocks on both sides of the ball, continue to add to a young core.  Find a veteran receiver via trade, or on a reasonable free agent deal.  There’s no need to go on one of our typical “spending sprees”, this team is not close enough right now.

4.  Address the Wide Receiver Position 

It’s been eluded to in the prior statements, but the wide receiver position must be fixed.  There are three things that a young quarterback needs, pass protection, a running game, and capable receivers.  Wentz had about 1.5 of those last year.  The pass protection was pretty good for most of the year, the running game came and went, but the receivers were just dreadful.  This offseason, Howie and Joe must find help for Wentz.  This can come via free agency, trade, or the draft.  My ideal situation would be a veteran like Torrey Smith, or Brandon Marshall.  However, if you can sign a veteran like DeSean Jackson or Kenny Britt, that would also be a big help for Carson Wentz and this offense.

This all sounds pretty simple, but we like to make things as complicated as possible here in Philadelphia.  Howie Roseman has gotten a very rare (basically unheard of) second chance in the NFL.  This offseason will be a major indication if he actually deserves it or not.

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