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Eagles Demolish Steelers in Week 3 Shocker

As a lifelong Eagles fan, I feel like I’ve seen it all.  I’ve walked back from the Linc embarrassed, angry, sad, and annoyed. I’ve also walked away happy, excited, and hopeful.  But I’ve never left the stadium when Eagles fans were speechless after putting an absolute beating on one of the best teams in football. Get excited people, this is very, very real.  After looking at the tape, here’s what I saw.

The Good 

Carson Wentz 

I’ve had enough, “It’s only the Browns, it’s only the Bears!  The Steelers were just one game!”  This kid can flat out play.  His preparation is second to none, his poise is equivalent to a 10 year pro, and his physical tools have translated from D1AA straight to the NFL.  Wentz’s most impressive play of the game came on his 73 yard touchdown pass to Darren Sproles.  Wentz slid out of the pocket, kept his eyes downfield, and once he saw Ryan Shazier hesitate for a split second, he tossed a perfect pass that hit Sproles in stride down the sideline.  Wentz has a 103.8 QB rating through 3 games and has the Eagles at 3-0 heading into the bye week.

Jason Peters & Jason Kelce Rebounded

I’ll toss kudos to the entire offensive line, but Peters and Kelce both had struggled throughout the first couple games of the season and they played excellent on Sunday.  Kelce still had some struggles, but overall, had his best game of the season.  The line seems to have gelled together, but unfortunately the Lane Johnson suspension looms.  This is a very thin group with not a lot of depth, so let’s hope they stay healthy and continue to play well.

Jim Schwartz’s Defense 

Malcolm Jenkins, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, and Bennie Logan all had sensational games.  Malcolm Jenkins is playing the best football at safety since Brian Dawkins and once again showed off his versatility on Sunday.  Jenkins lined up at both corners, in the slot, at both safety positions and was constantly making plays.  Logan and Cox collapsed the pocket on seemingly every play in the second half and Brandon Graham set the edge all day long.  Schwartz’s defense was able to get 8 sacks while blitzing only 4 times.  This was a performance for the ages out of this defense.

Doug Pederson 

This guy continues to wow me and leave me speechless.  He’s constantly showing different looks, coming in with fluid game-plans, and has put his rookie QB in position to succeed time and time again.  I was admittedly skeptical of the Doug Pederson hiring, but I was dead wrong.  Pederson has the respect and ears of this locker room and seems confident in everything he does.  It’s almost like he took every good part of Andy Reid, but left all the bad behind.  Like Wentz, it’s only been 3 games, but I’m a believer.

The Bad

Lane Johnson Suspension 

Look, I can’t say much else that was bad about this game.  It’s just upsetting that an offensive line that seems to finally be gelling, will need to be juggled and changed during the bye week.

The Bottom Line

Usually I give a few bright spots and few bad spots, but there wasn’t a whole lot of bad in this game.  Any time you beat one of the best teams in football 34-3, there’s often more good than bad!


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